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  Customer Address:
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  Customer State:
  Customer Phone:
Buyer/Builder Information
  Builders Name:
  Builders Address:
  Builders City:
  Builders State:
  End Use of Building:
Project Information
  Project Name:
  Project Address:
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  Job Number:
Building Information
  Building Width:
  Building Length:
  Building Front Eave:
  Building Back Eave:
Design Checklist
  Anchor Bolt Plans: Showing location of all anchor bolts, column locations,
anchor bolt diameter and quantity. This is provided by your metal building manufacturer.
  Frame Reactions: These are the calculations that are provided either on the drawings
or in a separate calculations book. These are provided by your metal building
  Floor Plan Sketch: Showing Building Openings and door locations
  Soils Report: UBC 1997 Code Soil Minimum Allowable Loads Is 1,000 psi. This can
be used just about anywhere. Some municipalities will allow higher loading with out a site soils analysis. Others will require a site soils report to justify any soils pressure greater than 1,000. It is your responsibility to justify a greater soil capacity either by documentation from municipality or a soils report. Any design recalculation required due to soils pressure will be billed at additional charge.
Building Codes
  Choose Bldg. Code:  UBC 1997 Code:
     CBC 2001 Code:
     IBC 2000 Code:
     IBC 2003:
  Other Bldg. Code:
Building Loads
  Choose Enclosure: Enclosure - Fully Enclosed
    Enclosure - Partially Enclosed
    Enclosure - Open Exposure
  Choose Exposure: Exposure C
    Exposure B
  Wind Load: mph
  Live Load: psf.
  Ground Snow Load: psf.
  Seismic Zone:
  Choose Soil Profile: Sd(UNO)
  Hurricane Coast: Yes No  Is the hurricane coast within 100 miles?
  Depth of Frost Line:
  Adjacent Structure: Yes No   Is building within 20 feet of another structure?
  Bldg. Occupancy: Normal Occupancy
    More than 300 occupants
    Essential Facility
    Low Hazard Facility
Foundation Information
  Soil Pressure: 1,000 UNO
    I have a soil report
    1 1/2" Sill Notch
  Foundation. Thkns: 4" Thickness
    4.5" Thickness
    5" Thickness
    5.5" Thickness
    6" Thickness
  Reinforce Rebar: #3, #4, #5, 12"oc, 18"oc, 24"oc
  Reinforcement: Welded Wire Mesh
    Fiber Mesh
  Footing Type: Std. Spread Footings
    Eccentric Footings
    Pier Footings (No Finished Floor):
    Pier Footings (With Grade Beam):
    Special Footings (Provide Details):